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 Farmers Life Insurance

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Getting the Right Life Insurance

When planning for your family’s future, establishing the correct life insurance is critical. Whether you live in Scottsdale or the surrounding Phoenix Metro Area, life insurance will help provide for your family when you are gone.

Let the James Merrill Agency help you find the right Farmers Life Insurance Policy that has the coverage that meets your needs. Don’t take away your family’s future by not being prepared.

What is the best life insurance in Arizona?

The James Merrill Agency will meet with you to determine the best life insurance coverage that will meet the needs for your family and lifestyle. Life insurance seems complicated but, it is something you can do with a trustworthy adviser to point you down the correct route when you break it down into simple terms.

It can be difficult talking, and even thinking about life insurance because no one like to consider they wont be around to provide for their family. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. We will work with you to plan for the future as well as your present! Many plans can be sued as financial investments for retirement and have other advantages while your are here and enjoying life.

There are several types of Life Insurance

Do you know which is best for you?

Term Life Insurance is a good starting point if you do not currently have a protection plan. It provides insurance for a specific set time frame. This type of coverage is available with fixed premiums and with Farmers Insurance, it is convertible to Whole Life policies.

Whole Life Insurance can be an investment vehicle to prepare you for retirement with the cash value available to you whenever you need it, as long as you keep 25% of it in your account. It stays in place for your entire life as long as the premiums are paid as per your policy.

Universal Life Insurance is also a permanent insurance that can build cash value over time. It has flexible payments and often is guaranteed to maintain a specified percentage.

Talk with us about your options today and be prepared properly to safeguard your family’s future.

Change your policy as your life changes

Although the weather in Arizona is often clear and sunny, there are days that bring storms, floods, hail and dusty winds. Life is no different. As time passes, things in your life change and you will want to modify your policies to adapt.

New business opportunities, additional family members like kids and grandkids, deteriorating health, new homes, retirement, and other life events and factors will effect how you select different types and levels of policies. This is why it is important to us that we build a close friendship with our clients and understands their needs as they change.

Call us today to start a relationship!

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Ready for the next step? It is easy to tailor insurance coverage around your needs. Call us to learn more about the options available and get an insurance quote.