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Serving Phoenix, Arizona

We serve the entire Phoenix metro area, a great city in the southwest desert and the capital of Arizona. As the fifth largest city in the United States, it is popular as a place for tourism and raising families.

Phoenix is a big city with bustling people and cars. With all of the traffic and higher risk of crimes, it is important to make sure you have the correct automobile insurance. There are also a large number of under insured drivers in AZ, so it is important to consider this when choosing your coverage limits. Having a Phoenix insurance company that you trust is ideal when it is time to develop your policies.

The weather is pretty great here most of the time baring the 120 degree days. However, there are some severe wind, sand, and hail storms that we get, especially during monsoon season. These storms can damage your home and car very easily. It is important to be sure you have sufficient coverage to protect your assets.

It is critical to choose the right insurance to secure your financial future. Most people have some amount, but do they understand what it is or why they need it? Insurance is about spreading out the risk a single person or business may have across a much bigger entity for when an unfortunate situation may occur.

There are several different types of policies and riders that act as an addendum to your coverage.  When you combine this fact with all of the different limits and deductible options, it can get quite confusing very fast if you are not accustomed to dealing with them every day and keeping up to date on the changes.



Phoenix Insurance Coverage Requirements

Every asset, such as your life, someones health, property, etc. should be protected against any type of loss or damage. We must categorize the type of loss inducing danger to which they may be exposed. Then, as a policyholder, you must choose the risk level you want and the cost it will take to lessen your risk to cover loss.  You don’t want to be in the middle of processing with the claims adjuster and realize the insurer established a greater exposure than your financial comfort allows.

Have Your Insurance Company Adjust The Policy Over Time

When your assets change, as they do when you grow your family and life, then insurance policies need to be reviewed and revised. Think about having a review every year because things like marriage, kids, new jobs, new home, or automobile will affect what you need for coverage. It is a simple task but many people forget to do it and are not fully covered when an accident happens.

As a Phoenix insurance company, we at the James Merrill Agency work diligently to provide top quality service. We tell our clients in Phoenix, that selection can be difficult if you don’t know why you need it. But we help to make it less confusing so you can choose the right insurance to protect your future.



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James Merrill Agency

9332 E Raintree RD Suite 140
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone: (480) 868-2952
Hours: Monday - Saturday 9am-6pm

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