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Scottsdale Hail Storms Bring Insurance Claims

Hail damage is something that is pretty typical in Scottsdale, Arizona and the rest of the Phoenix Metro area during monsoon season. The monsoons sweep in and suddenly there is a thunderous roar of hail pellets bombarding your roof. These sphere shaped projectiles of snow and ice can range from the size of a pea up to the size of a baseball. Consider how much destruction it can do to have a hard ice ball accelerating towards your roof or car from hundreds of feet up in the sky. Hail has even been known to kill animals and people from the impact. Does your policy cover you?

Hail Damage To Vehicles

car-windows-damaged-by-hail-in-scottsdale-azHave you ever be driving around town when one of these hail storms suddenly unleashes its wrath? It can damage your car fast. The ice pounds dents into your roof, hood, and side panels of the motor vehicle body and can smash through the windows. The best thing to do when hail starts falling is to get immediately to the side of the street, so you don’t end up in a bigger accident, but try to get under something like an overpass or covered parking to help shield your car.

If you pay attention to the weather, you might see, or hear on the news that the storm is coming. Make sure you protect your vehicle by parking it in a garage or at least under cover. If you cant find a garage, then you can try to cover the car with thickly padded blankets and even cardboard or plywood sheets. Do what you can to protect the hood, roof, trunk, windshield and other windows.

House Roof Hail Damage

Even small hail, down to the size of about 1/2 an inch, can cause damage to your roof and the heating, AC and exhaust mechanical elements. It doesn’t matter what type of roof you have. Wood Shakes, Foam, Shingles, Concrete, or Clay Tile roofs all can be easily damaged. There are some hail-resistant roof materials, but nothing on the market today is hail proof.

Hail damage affects the constitution of your roof and if left untreated can eventually erode causing a shorter lifespan and even water leaks.

Once you discover damage, it is best to contact your insurance agent a call immediately to discuss your options for repair.

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