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Serving Scottsdale, Arizona

We are located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona at 9332 E Raintree RD, Suite 140. We are very close to the Loop 101 so it is very easy for you to visit us, or for us to come to you, no matter where you are in the Valley of the Sun.

Are you a jet setter who flies in and out of Scottsdale Airport? We are very close the the municipal airport and can even meet you there if you are on a tight schedule.

Or maybe you live a little further out in North Scottsdale. That is no problem! We can meet you at your home, office, or where ever you might be. With the many beautiful desert homes and adjacent golf resorts, we don’t mind traveling a few miles to help you out with your homeowners insurance or recreational vehicle coverage for your golf cart and other toys.

Perhaps you are at one of the many car dealerships like BMW or Mercedes Benz looking at new cars. Give us a call and we can help make sure you get into the right auto insurance coverage. Our Scottsdale insurance office is not too far from the dealerships. And we are always just a call away!

Choosing the correct insurance is critical to secure financial planning. Many have some kind of insurance, but most people don’t understand exactly what it is or why they need to have it. Insurance is spreads out any significant financial risk a person or business might have across a larger group of entities in case an unfortunate situation happens.


Know What Your Insurance Needs Are

First we must determine what asset has to be protected against loss. It is different for your life, someones health, property, etc. Next we categorize what danger the assets may be exposed to that would cause loss. Then it must be decided what level of risk the policyholder is willing to take and how much cost it will be to mitigate that risk. You will want to know exactly how to file a claim, talk with your claims adjuster, what the premium is, and be aware of what the insurer actually will do to cover losses.

Time Changes Things and You Need to Adjust Insurance Coverage

As you progress from one life stage to another, or when the asset changes, then your policies must be updated after a review. Policies should be reviewed when you get married, have kids, income changes, when get a new house/car/asset,as you age. Don’t let this simple task go undone or it could mean that you are not fully covered in case of a bad situation.

The James Merrill Agency works hard to bring top quality service to our clients. No matter if you are in Old Town, Kierland area, or way up in North Scottsdale insurance selection can be confusing, but we are here to help you make the right choice and secure your financial future.



Company Information

James Merrill Agency

9332 E Raintree RD Suite 140
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone: (480) 868-2952
Hours: Monday - Saturday 9am-6pm

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(480) 868-2952

Ready for the next step? It is easy to tailor insurance coverage around your needs. Call us to learn more about the options available and get an insurance quote.